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A childhood raised in Asia, mainly India & Thailand where my mom is originated, and later on in Europe where my father is from , I have been inspired by so many cultures and way of life that is now reflecting in my work. I’ve always been very creative as a child, noticing small details , and was always taught to value and fix things.

I have no particular style to describe myself or my work.  I’m just a very curious person , enjoying to learn new things in very diverse domains .  It really depends on the mood, what I have on hand and everyday influences.

After Studying International Business & Marketing Management in Paris , I worked in sales & Marketing for 20 years  , my husband had the opportunity to come to work in Madrid , it was such a great challenge for us to discover a new culture , learn another language , and open a new book , especially for our two children.


Arriving in Madrid, was not easy, but once I confronted myself to go beyond my comfort zone ,I immerged myself in my new home city ,  there was so much to see and learn.

The idea of making a change in my professional life had been sparking in my head for a while, I started a 1 year full time Master’s program on Antique furniture restoration, design , basic carpentry and decorative painting techniques as well as studying canvas painting with a private teacher that was formed at Escuela Bellas Artes.


There’s something very disturbing in today’s world where it’s cheaper to buy something new rather to fix it. A pure ecological disaster.

I’m constantly in search of objects that I can deviate from their original use ….. an old door to paint on , a piece of drift wood to make a lamp , it’s all about the beauty of one particular object that will become the protagonist of my art, whether it’s a piece of wood, metal, branches , whatever.

I tend to give value to things that are given a second life, each piece has a beautiful story behind to tell.

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